Monday, June 20, 2016

from My Graphic Novel

I am neither super
nor hero. I hope
you fall in life, the teacher
says in gym when I fall
from the bars
after five minutes without
a chin-up. In comic books,
the weak boy swallows
a super-strength serum. For cover,
he holds up his indestructible shield.
I hold up my comic book.

Here is a behind-the-scenes description about my motivation with the poem:

I use Captain America and Steve Rogers as the representation for how I was as a twelve year old. I wasn't strong or athletic, and the event with the gym teacher did happen. He said it, and I was shamed and humiliated in front of the class. 

Having the poem is a means of healing for me, to think of how the comic book store was a retreat and a safe place. Reading comics was a protection, a "super-strength serum," to help me know I wasn't alone. This comes back to Steve Rogers, that all children (and many adults) can relate to being vulnerable and exposed. 

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