Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Poems About Films

Pre-film watching lists

  • Memories about watching the film
  • What the film meant to you then
  • Why you choose the film to write about now
  • Any remembered plot elements and scenes

Watching the film

  • Note any objects and what they mean
  • Write out of loose trance, stream of unconsciousness
  • Continue writing
  • Don't worry about "making sense," as you will 

After the film

  • Write down any other plot elements or scenes
  • Write themes of the film as a way to approach the poetic nature of "what" you are writing
  • Write as a character of the film


  • Try putting everything in I: For Krull, "I was a disappearing fortress, rematerializing somewhere else." Speaks to my childhood at that time.
  • Assemble sentences into a prose poem. Add connecting sentences via figurative language.
  • Place everything double spaced and go Emily Dickinson on the work, circling intriguing phrases while omitting anything else. This also might work only using the "Watching the film" writing, too.

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