Thursday, June 30, 2016

Project to work on

This Independence Day I will do something different. I will actually embrace the pains and pleasures of what will be a project.

Take a camera, a notebook. A recorder.

meditations on coniunctio oppositorum

Part immersion writing, part memoir, and part appropriated material, I want to face the holiday, not-holiday.

"This is the first I have heard about it," a parent says.

The history of the Collins Park parade. My history. Dale's missing thumb. My sister's comments.

"Honor mom and Aunt Hazel," she says.

My escape to Saint Louis last year. The rush to the animal doctor the year before.

Tom's bagpipes. My sister's bicycle.

My ex showing up. Cousins who hate me showing up.

Dog Rescue Relief Station.

"Neighborhood parades bring out the best of Topeka each year on Independence Day, and Friday was no exception.
The weather was nearly perfect for the Fourth of July, with sunny skies and temperatures in the upper 70s by mid-morning Friday.
Children on bicycles and tricycles with red, white and blue streamers could be found in virtually every Fourth of July Parade, along with marching bands thrown together just for the day, antique cars with their old horns honking and, yes, politicians and their supporters passing out fliers — it is an election year, after all.
Several Fourth of July parades have long-standing traditions in Topeka. Included are those in the Potwin, College Hill and Collins Park neighborhoods."
Watching Independence Day.
“I don’t think you could find anything like this in California,” the elder Casteen said. “It makes you appreciate America and it makes you appreciate your freedom.”
Nationalism, Trump says.

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