Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Re-examing poetry

I realize that a lot of the figurative in poetry can also be in the context of how something is written. Maybe I should introduce this broader range of things--how prose poetry can work.

The figurative could be the public and the private are the same.

Also, the private writing vs. the public. We are taught that we can't read a poem as if it is from the personal experience of the writer. However, I have heard the most horrid attacks in the guise of poetry. Poetry is a higher form of ethics.

The figurative is in the context. The reader also creates the meaning behind a poem.

Share what happened with the Conceptualists.

Conceptual poetry is different than Conceptualism.

We will take each poem on its own terms, while understanding poetry is a personal art form and honor that. Can a poem be too personal, but still accept that poem as a poem and make comments without the "you"?

The workshop example will show the difference between constructive criticism and negative criticism. No markthroughs.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Movies and Poetry