Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Letter to a Young Nurse in Advanced Composition

Hello C--,

Thank you for your email and openness! I, too, didn't really know how to write well when I was in college. A Philosophy professor called me in his office and said I understood the concepts, but I wasn't a good writer. I asked, "What do I do?" He said to keep a journal and carry a thesaurus. Those journals became poems, and that gained me the insight into writing.

That was during my first degree in Computer Systems. When I was a programmer/analyst, I was stuck in a horrible corporate world. I looked around my cubicle at the poems I wrote and decided I needed to get a second degree in English, which launched me into grad school and away from that previous life of unhappiness.

I guess what I'm saying is: You are following your dreams, I'm sure. I am glad to be a part of that.

As far as your writing, yes, I give feedback and chances to improve. I also highlight positive things, too.

I'm looking forward to reading.

All Best,

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